Museums & Art galleries Iceland's rich heritage consists of great museums and art galleries all over Iceland. All of which are worth visiting, ranging from present-day back to the early days of Iceland's first settlement. The main museums and galleries are:

Listasafn Islands - National gallery of Iceland
The National Gallery houses Iceland´s national art collection, which centres on Icelandic and international art from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It is the greatest single collection of Icelandic art and represents all the nation´s main artists, and also contains a growing collection of work by famous international artists.

Arbaejarsafn - Reykjavik museum
Árbæjarsafn was established by the City of Reykjavík in 1957 as an open- air museum to preserve and show selected old houses. The aim was to give the public an idea of the architecture and the lifestyle of the past.

Kopavogur Art Gallery Gerdarsafn
Kopavogur Art Gallery Gerdarsafn Hamraborg 4 IS-200 Kópavogur