Seasonal attractions in Iceland

Iceland is full of stunning natural attractions and there is a variety of tours to choose from. If you donít like the idea of going on a tour with a guide or going on a tour that limits the time you get to spend at each attraction, then not to worry, you can either rent a car a choose of the many self drive tour

Some attractions can be visited all year round, such as attractions along the Route 1, or the ringroad of Iceland, whereas other ones are seasonal. The two most popular attractions in Iceland, the Golden Circle tour and the Blue Lagoon, are both available all year round

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Driving around the Icelandic highlands is only allowed in summertime and some roads in the Westfjords also get closed down during wintertime, due to massive snow and icy conditions. Make sure to follow the road conditions on this website. During summer the sun hardly sets, meaning you´ll never need to get anywhere before it gets dark, since it doesn´t get dark. This gives you more time to explore and also more energy each day. In summer you can see the man made ice cave tunnel or decend into a volcano

On the other hand, natural phenomena like the Northern Lights are only experienced during wintertime. The Icelandic Met Office has an Aurora Forecast each day that pretty accurately tells you the strength of the Northern Lights. There are also many northern lights tours that you can choose from.

Glaciers also melt in the summertime, causing ice caves to disappear. So if you´d like to go on a blue blue ice cave tour, you´ll have to come to Iceland during winter. And in some ways, Icelandic winter can be a thrilling experience, especially if you´ve never experienced a snowstorm before.It is possible to go on a glacier hiking and ice climbing tour or to go snowmobiling all year round though and you´re more likely to get nice weather during the summer!

Iceland travel

Don´t let the weather decide for you (it is completely unpredictable anyway) but base your decision on which season to visit Iceland on which attractions you´d like to see! Reykjavík for example is always fun and there are plenty of things to do in the capital of Iceland